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28 August: Start university!

Daily mental health statistic: Over 9,3 million people in the U.S. are living with a serious mental illness

10 December 2014: world mental health day


see-do-conquer21 asked: You have some great posts and I look forward to following you! I'm a fellow traveler and new to Tumblr... any advice you can provide me to grow a following would be appreciated. I actually just got back from backpacking England, Ireland, and Scotland - can't wait to write about it ;) My Tumblr and Instagram are see_do_conquer21.

aw, that’s brilliant ! definitely write about your experiences and post pictures, that sounds like an amazing trip. as for advice, all i’d really say is to have a nice balance between reblogged posts and your own posts. if you’re posting other photographers’ work, ALWAYS source it correctly and thoroughly back to the owner - i cannot stress that enough! also, post what YOU want, it’s YOUR blog. welcome to tumblr, thanks for the sweet message ☺️ .x


Dolomites, Italy | Sven Verbruci

Quintessential Norway (by cooper.smith)

Lake Nakuru National Park | Kenya (by Nacho Coca)
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“what if the aborted baby could have cured cancer???”

oh my god what if the last egg I bled onto a kotex product could have cured cancer??

oh my god how am I not birthing every possible egg I produce, lest one of those resulting babies be the person who cures cancer/AIDS/creates world peace????

what if that baby could have been a musical artist described by pitchfork as “liberace with a metalcore twist”????

how dare i not be pregnant/birthing all the time always?????

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the loveliest sight to come home to. summers in maine, july 2014.
Anonymous asked: Do you or any of your followers have good places to recommend in any of these places; Hamburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam,Antwerp, Brussels, Barcelona or Prague. Something that is free or relatively cheap?

do you mean places to stay, places to eat, things to do, etc., or all of the above ? hey followers, help a lovely traveler out! ^


fog rolling in. summers in maine, july 2014.